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Tile cleaning covers a variety of finishes including wall and floors tiles, natural stone floors that all need restoration or maintenance at some time.

When it becomes necessary for tile and grout cleaning, it's usually at the stage when you need to from a financial point of view, cleaning and restoring rather than take up existing tiles that would still have many years left and can be maintained in a superb condition.

Fortunately, whatever challenges you have now, which includes any floor and wall tile cleaning OR grout cleaning, we will always find a suitable cleaning solution for you, bringing your bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and hallways back to their former glory with a little TLC!

Sometimes this is achieved by steam cleaning and other times with an appropriate tile cleaning solution, many of those solutions coming from market leaders such as Lithofin, LTP, Fila, Karcher etc that have proven to remedy even the most stubborn cleaning problems and other times with traditional methods and a little elbow grease.

Surprisingly, machines aren't the most suitable for removing soiling and dirt, because deeply embedded staining which could be within an undulating floor needs to be coaxed out of micro joints and can often be deeper in softer tiles and a multitude of tile patterns as we see with Victorian tiles and Edwardian tiles made from clay.

Cleaning tiles and cleaning stone have very different requirements so consequently when we evaluate your tiles or stone for treatment, we often find that they will need to be treated with specific solutions and depending how intensive the tile and grout cleaning is, they will need to be cleaned in a specific way for each type of surface.

This is particularly important when we're repairing and cleaning grout which can often become compromised by continuous wear on walls and floors particularly in bathrooms and places of high usage however, there is a solution for every problem.

There are so many different types of tiles, from basic ceramics to the more robust porcelain tiles which are available in abundance from most tile suppliers.

These are our modern day selections for walls and floors all of which benefit from cleaning periodically, right through to turn of the century examples from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, which also saw terrazzo being introduced.

Travelling further back in time, stone and quarry tiles were our earliest forms of modular floor tiles through to mosaics and terracotta which in most circumstances are to be preserved whenever possible, even lifted and relaid onto more moisture resistant floors with a suitable damp proof membrane.

Once relaid they are true relics that can be brought back to life by gentle cleaning and sealing to last probably another century or more.

p.s. "If you'd just like more information on tile and stone cleaning, installation or restoring of tiles and stone please text or call me on 07889 123451 at any time".


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