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Our stone floor cleaning covers a long list of flooring types which include:

  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • TerraCotta
  • Quarry tiles
  • Victorian tiles
  • Edwardian tiles

The list covers a general overview of types of stone. The floor cleaning options that could be internal or external and will differ slightly, however, immediate and long term results will be the same.

Cleaning methods might differ as would the sealants used to maintain the stone flooring in good condition for floors inside or outside. We can advise fully after surveying, how to clean, seal and fully restore your floors to perfection.

Soon after laying a stone floor, it will have been treated with a protective coating if laid professionally, preventing any harmful staining entering the surface. This doesn't automatically mean that it will stay clean, especially if left without regular cleaning with products for stone floor protection.

We test every floor and then apply the appropriate long term sealant in every case.

Sometimes a secondary floor sealant or 'wear layer' can be applied to reduce the amount of mopping or wet cleaning. This makes it easy to maintain.

We are not in favour of steam cleaning stone floors as this can be detrimental to the sealant, putting it under extreme high temperatures to release dirt when a neutral cleaner in a bucket of mopping water will suffice.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles 'will' take this method of cleaning as they have an extremely hard shell that is resilient to most anything unlike travertine, limestone and similar floors that are 'more open', with pores that can be penetrated especially at high temperatures.

Protection long term, is a cycle of continual care with products that will comfortably lift soiling and dirt without being harmful in any way, this can be achieved easily using our recommended products. 

You then have a floor that becomes very easy to clean and remain trouble free.

Products for stone floor cleaning

Not all products for stone floor cleaning are the same and this you might have experienced from testing various brands and being led by advertisers by promises of 'miracle solutions', which we all know are something of a hit and miss!

We take the guesswork out of trying to decipher the instructions from all of the high street suppliers and internet warehouses of how to (or how not to) quickfix a problem.

From a knowledge built up over many years and the experience that goes with it, we know that that there really isn't a quick fix and stone floor cleaning requires an understanding of the the stone that you're working with, the appropriate deep cleaner that's specific to that stone and lastly the best products for long term protection.


When we leave you and have done everything to clean, seal and protect your stone floor, you'll be given the correct cleaning solutions to maintain it in pristine order.

If you would like to arrange a survey or have any questions please contact us.

p.s. "If you'd just like more information on tile and stone cleaning, installation or restoring of tiles and stone please text or call me on 07889 123451 at any time".


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