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Grout cleaning is very effective and we find is normally achieved with safe and suitable chemicals, not because it's the 'easy way' but it is usually the 'best way' to break down years of staining and lift dirt to the surface, suspending it briefly for cleaning away.

Scrubbing away at stone or tiles does remove some soiling but can't reach down into the grout joints where the worst staining is held and hard to remove.

Steam cleaning is successful to a certain degree to soften joints but still doesn't remove all the dirt, you would need a dual action of steam and extraction for this to work successfully.

What chemicals will achieve is to release dirt and suspend it at the surface long enough to vacuum it off and not settle back into the joint, as with other methods, 'even steam cleaning'.

Having your grout cleaning completed professionally will achieve results far beyond what general household cleaners can ever do. This is going deeper on staining and bringing out the maximum amount of soiling that you can be achieve.

Before any sealing can be applied to the grout, all the last remaining soiling or dirt must be removed to avoid 'locking in' unsightly detritus, otherwise this will remain in the grout permanently, detracting from an otherwise perfect finish.

Very often we're asked to renew tiling in bathrooms and showers where the wall grout lines have deteriorated to a very poor state, often turning brown or black but even these can be cleaned to new with specific cleaners that literally destroy the bacteria in grout.

There are certain cleaners we apply to wall tile grout that penetrates deep 'into the surface' and will lift even the most stubborn staining, returning the tiling to original colour and finish.

The result is an astounding transformation and because the cost is a fraction of renewing, makes it an attractive and financially viable option. The disruption of having to remove a bathroom full of tiles and replacing with new, compared to cleaning the wall tiles 'as new' within a day, makes the decision to clean wall grout very appealing.

The next stage of grout cleaning is to apply a suitable sealant. 

I'd recommend sealing grout, usually achieved with an alcohol based sealant that penetrates through any residual moisture to retain the clean look which doesn't alter the colour, shade or texture in any way. The grout and tiles or stone will then remain vibrant for years with just a little TLC afterwards, with cleaning made exceptionally easy.

Sealant comes in a few forms but basically there are two main categories, a seal that sits on top of the surface or a sealant that penetrates the floor or wall surface.

They both have their qualities and depending on what you're hoping to achieve, either can be used effectively and last for many years.

We support and use many forms of sealant for grout and will always suggest the best for your circumstances.

Grout cleaning for floors

Grout cleaning for floors is the most asked for of all of our services and in the case of Victorian floors where the joints are very narrow and hard to reach it will be achieved by cleaning the whole floor, this is often the case with most jobs but even more so with these period installations.

All the same rules apply for cleaning and sealing and whilst taken a little longer than the average job it results in a superb job once completed.

We recommend Lithofin

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