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Cleaning Tiles

Cleaning tiles and keeping them clean is the same for everyone and in my experience each task whether it's floor or walls is similar in many ways. These three things seem to repeat for most people.....

  • Find the easiest way to clean your tiles
  • Keep them clean for as long as possible
  • Do the first two again

Am I right?


There are a multitude of different tiles, both old and new, differing in textures, sizes and patterns with some being harder to look after than others, especially Victorian tiles.

Mostly it's the natural stone tiles that need more maintenance such as travertine which is normally light in colour or slate which is the other end of the scale being mainly dark. There are the hard wearing porcelain tiles, regular ceramics and mosaics, all of which cover floors and walls in some form.

At some time they'll all need rejuvenating and cleaning tiles can be specific for each type, depending also on the length of time since last having a complete 'freshen up'. Some will require a bit more TLC than others, however the end result will be the same, clean tiles but for how long?


All tiles benefit from a good clean with warm water and an additive of your prefered tile cleaning solution. For the vast majority this will be sufficient but some will need a deeper clean.

Acid is to be avoided on all but a few exceptions and even then, used with caution!

There are far better solutions to use and the more aggressive the cleaning needs to be, the stronger the chemicals are, but all are within the parameters of 'safe to use' albeit with a little caution.

As with most surfaces that do not have a protective sealant already on them, the dirt will not only sit on top of the tiles but also make it's way into the surface, not to mention the grout that will continue to absorb all manner of things until sealed.

We're all led to believe by the advertisers things like the grout 'can be used internally and externally' (but can still get dirty) and 'as used in swimming pools' but not much foot traffic there, except around the outside, thats a calcium build up and another story.

Alkaline cleaners are the most suitable for cleaning tiles but in all instances please make sure you 'READ THE LABEL' as dilution rates will be given for every type of clean up operation.

Get it wrong at your peril as you cannot reverse any damage caused!

Cleaning tiles is just the first stage.....


To reduce the amount of cleaning, tiles and the grout should be sealed and protected as this will ensure that the clean, clean and clean again is a thing of the past.

There are various finishes and are really are down to personal choice whether they are transparent, enhanced, satin or gloss. 

Some floors especially the natural stone type really need protection which is usually applied at installation but this doesnt mean it's going to last indefinitely, it lasts well, but does need looking after from time to time.

The sealants can range from water based through to solvent based or even the latest alcohol based which penetrate tiles and grout in different ways and are applied at specific stages following the cleaning process.

Even the wet areas such as bathrooms and showers that suffer unsightly algae and mould particularly on the grout, can be cleaned to perfection and then sealed directly after. This problemis usually caused from lack of venting, or cold areas being warmed by steam and moisture in the room.

This is not only unsightly but almost definitely unhealthy particularly for those with respiratory problems. There is a case for use of sealants on grout or natural products but can also be treated with solutions to greatly repel further attack from algae and mould.


The benefits are

  • Clean tiles for longer
  • Grout staying it's natural colour
  • Keeps dirt at bay
  • Repels mould and algae
  • Tiles look new once again
  • Reduces cleaning cycle

There are many benefits all of which are a bonus in every case.


For every floor or wall there is a clean, seal and restore programme for cleaning tiles and their long term good looks which can be sourced from most diy stores, tile outlets internet sources.

The better solution providers will have all the products supplied by one manufacturer or service provider.

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