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Cleaning slate floors and walls

Cleaning slate floors I've found is one of the more satisfying restoration jobs I undertake.

Because of it's structure and texture it generally can be done in a day and is ready for use straight after.

Then all you need to do is protect it and keep it looking good year after year.


Slate as we know it, is found to be a pleasing grey colour sometimes bordering on black, however there is some slate that is more colourful and has the rusty brown deposits in it that can brighten the look considerably.

The texture is dense and what might seem to absorb soiling is probably removable without too much work given that the right cleaning solutions for slate are found.

It is hard right through and will take an awful lot of punishment in it's life time whether or not it's used for floors OR walls and is equally durable inside or used outside on patios and paths.


Cleaning slate floors is the same as cleaning a lot of other natural stone floors and at some time could have been treated with sealants, waxes or polishes which sometimes have to be removed to reveal the original finish.

This happens when the coating or even years of soiling are released with an appropriate cleaner for slate, not acid, as some might think but an alternative that gently releases greasy foot marks, paint, ink and oil spills especially in kitchen areas.

Removing a considerable build up, is simply a matter of re applying cleaners and washing off or better still vacuuming off the dirt that's lifted by repeating the slate cleaning, as many times as is necessary. 

Because slate is generally riven in nature, a close bristle brush will achieve more than most machines unless they rotate very slowly as the texture is full of differing heights across the surface and only by working back and for across the floor (or wall) will you get into the little crevices, where dirt or previous sealants are found.

Once cleaned you'll have to allow a couple of days for it to dry before applying any sealant.

Sealants for Slate Floors

Because of its density it doesn't always need a penetrating sealant that absorbs into the slate, although if it's natural slate that you want to see in it's original form then it's a good idea to close off the surface to further soiling, by applying a good sealant.

If you'd prefer a silk, satin or gloss finish then applying an acrylic polish or wax will change the finish to often make it easier to clean.

Whichever you decide, slate cleaning becomes far easier when it has some level of protection.


The benefit of protecting your slate is that there is less chance of spills and everyday activities affecting the slate in any way.

It WILL become a lot easier to clean and probably need less water to remove any dirt lying on the surface. Just a dry brush, vacuum or buffing pad to maintain the slate in good order.

If minor scuffs occur on what is known as 'wear layers', usually the wax or acrylic polishes applied to the surface, they can be quickly renewed by a 'topping up' of your finish product.


As with everything in life, the better you maintain anything the longer it will stay in good order. This is certainly true of any floor finish applied after cleaning slate floors and should be seen as one of those maintenance jobs to be carried out frequently.

My own floors at home are regularly vacuumed and mopped with a recommended cleaning solution to keep the pleasing satin lustre that was initially applied some years ago. 

As with all companies that carry out this cleaning, sealing and restoration service they will recommend everything needed for aftercare, however, subsequent owners are left to guess at what's needed for their floors.

Also what happens, are clients running out of 'cleaners' and inadvertently use an alternative, resulting in the finish falling far short of what should be achieved.

There are many cleaning slate floor remedies which we can help you with whether it's initial cleaning, sealing OR restoring of your slate floors and walls. Contact us for advice.

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